Cheryl Reynolds-Fefles, Member

I’m an artist and an art educator. I work in mixed media – fibers, glass, paper-making, and printmaking. My latest work has been creating models using a 3D printer and large color prints of altered digital images. I keep trying to find a way to merge my fascination of technology & computer generated imagery with my love of tactile, physical artwork.

I've been involved with the Chicago Glass Collective (CGC) from its beginnings. I have learn how to print on glass in a variety of ways, create pattern bars, paint with frit, cast glass sculptures, weld stands for my pieces and blow glass vessels, by taking classes at CGC. All theses techniques helped me expand my glass knowledge and allow me to explore the capabilities of glass.

I’m attracted to art that has a process, a surprise element, a time when the work is out of your hands. You put your glass in the kiln. You can do tests, run samples, but there’s always an element of surprise when you get your work back. Something you didn’t predict. Something that will send you in another direction in the next piece. I enjoy experimenting with translucent and opal glass, creating new colors through the fusing process. And creating work that pushes the capabilities of glass.

I've recently begun experimenting with painting on glass, combining the traditional techniques of stain glass painters and using those techniques on fused glass. 

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