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We periodically invite guest artists to our studio to teach classes and present artist talks about their work and process.

Check back for announcements of upcoming classes and lectures!

Upcoming Class:

Creating Designs in Glass with Devin French

Creating Designs in Glass with Devin French
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The purpose of this workshop is to learn ways to create distinct imagery and design in glass.  Participants will learn how to use a variety of techniques to create vibrant, layered designs in glass, including: silkscreening, drawing and stenciling. Most of the time will be spent experimenting and discovering new processes, with some time to work on a finished piece. This class is appropriate for all levels of artists.


  • Learn about the basic principles of fusing frit
  • Practice applying frit to glass and discover new techniques
  • Discover unique advantages of using frit in layers.

Technical Discussion:  

  • Set up. Safety. Light table. Layout of working space. Protocol.
  • Firing Temperatures. Surface Quality. Edge Quality. Frit fuse and slump.
  • Color testing. Labeling, diagramming and taking notes.
  • Opaque vs. Transparent. Counting coats

Practicing Techniques:

  • Sifting: Solid and Gradient. Focus on number of frit coats.
  • Combing: Using premade or home-made implements
  • Drawing: Create marks in frit, or use sifter to create lines.  Line (tilted cup), Line (trailing)
  • Experiment: Combine techniques or design new techniques.

March 24th and 25th, 10am-5pm each day

8 people max

Non-Members : $345

Members: $325


Devin French has made drawing the foundation of his creative practice, from his work in ceramic sculpture to his designs in glass art. While attending the Maryland Institute College of Art and the University of Louisville, he combined his love for illustration with ceramics.  He then worked at Architectural Glass Art at Glassworks for a decade, where he learned technical glass skills.   Over the last 15 years as a studio artist, he has developed unique techniques in drawing with fused glass. Devin currently teaches glass workshops and creates custom architectural glass commissions from coast to coast. 

Devin creates his artwork by meticulously tapping powdered glass onto glass sheets, which are then fused together.  This technique of applying the powder is similar to the one used by Buddhist monks for creating sand mandalas.  Devin’s art and design are created in a spirit of mindfulness, and are made  to be a source of contemplation in people’s lives. 

More info about Devin:

https://frenchdevin.myportfolio.com/ or dfglassart.com


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Previous visiting artists include:

Jeffrey Sarmiento, Carrie Iverson,  Jim WeilerKathryn Wightman and Carol Milne.