Body Parts Cast in Glass (3 days)

Body Parts Cast in Glass (3 days)

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Get introduced to glass casting by taking an alginate mold of your hand, foot, elbow or other easily accessible body part and cast it in glass!  This workshop is perfect for beginners and seasoned casters alike. 

On the first day learn to use alginate, wax and plaster to make a mother mold in order to produce more than one positive of your chosen body part, then make the mold for the kiln.  On day two learn how to steam out the wax, calculate the amount of glass needed to fill your mold and load the kiln. On day three divest the mold and coldwork/finish if needed. Students will make two wax positives and one finished clear casting. 

Clear casting billets, mold materials, tools and kiln firings for class projects are included. Colored glass will be available for purchase. No experience needed. Ages 16+

Instructor: Leslie Speicher

Sunday August 4, 11am - 4pm

Sunday August 11, 11am-4pm

Sunday August 18, 11am-2pm

Non-Members: $330

Members: $315

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