Chicago Glass Collective - a workspace for molten-media artists

How you can create at our studio.

Is there anything more exciting than sitting in front of a fire creating something beautiful? Enjoy the art of melting and forming glass rods into shapes by using special high-temperature torches and flame-working equipment at Chicago Glass Collective.

You'll be able to make beads, jewelry, small forms & more!

Glass Fusing & Casting
Manipulating pieces of glass to bend and form into shapes can really feed the creative juices. Fused and cast glass is not only beautiful to view, but participating in the forming of these pieces is fun and surprising!

At Chicago Glass Collective, you'll be able to explore creative glass techniques as well as learn the use of kilns. You can create beautiful bowls, artwork and more. Be careful,'s addictive!

Screen Printing
Growing in popularity, screen printing has become a creative component to glass art. At Chicago Glass Collective, you'll be able to enhance your pieces with our screen printing tools by adding your favorite photo, illustration or more to your glass project.

The possibilities are endless as you blend levels of glass and ink into a unique finished piece.

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