Chicago Glass Collective - a workspace for molten-media artists

Equipment & Rentals

Chicago Glass Collective has a variety of quality kilns, torches, cold-working equipment and other amenities for creatives to rent.

Fusing Equipment & Rentals      
Workspace for glass fusing is available for rent at $5/hr for members and $10/hr non-members. (Minimum 2-hour rental required. Rental includes use of the following amenities:

  • Large work areas
  • GlassTac, Elmer’s Glue & Glass Cleaner
  • Safety glasses
  • 12” rulers, 22” straight edges, 12" L rulers & 18" T-squares
  • Two strip cutters
  • Two circle cutters
  • Frit maker
  • Sharpies & wax markers
  • Work-in-process storage (up to 2 pieces)

Members must utilize Bullseye glass and are responsible for their own cutters, copper and silver foil. Bullseye sheet glass, accessory glass, and basic supplies will be for sale at studio.

Kiln Rentals
All kilns are rented out in 24-hour sessions. Rental fees include regular full fuse firings & slumps, thick fuse & thick slumps, dammings and castings. Kiln fees will be pro-rated in 12-hour increments after the first 24-hour cycle. (Kiln rentals may be shared. Single payment required.)

  • One 8” x 8” test kiln ($10/24 hours)
  • One 16” Jen Ken clam shell kiln ($20/24 hours)
  • One 18” Jen Ken hex kiln ($20/24 hours)
  • One 15" x 26" rectangle kiln ($25/24 hours)
  • One large 18” x 40” Oval Skutt kiln ($75/24 hours)
  • Vitrigraph kiln is $60 per pot (includes set up the day of the pull)
  • Molds 6” or larger are available for $5 per use. (Molds 6” or smaller are free.)
  • Thin Fire is for sale by the sheet. Fiber paper is for sale by the foot.

Flame-Working Equipment & Rentals
Flame-working rental is available in three different ways: (1) by the hour; (2) with an Open Studio Card (member only); or (3) as an Independent Study Student (member only).

  • 6 Hot Head torches ($5/hr members and $10/hr non-members; minimum 2 hours)
  • 2 Oxy/Natural Gas minor burners-
    $12.50/hr (minimum 2 hours) and/or OS punch Card (members only)
  • One Fishbone kiln & One Chilipepper kiln
  • Tweezers, mashers (large and small), tungsten pics, graphite marvers
  • Large workspace
  • State-of-the-art ventilation
  • Frit maker, bead storage and bead Release
  • Glass rod rests and mandrel holders
  • Safety glasses
  • Inland Grinder

An excellent selection of glass rods and mandrels are available for sale.
Members must provide your own copper, silver leaf and frit.

Cold-Working Equipment & Rentals   
Cold-working equipment is available for rent at $20/hour (30 mins minimum required.)

  • 12” lap grinder with magnetic pads (100 grit to polish)
  • MK Wet Saw with sliding platform to make cutting easier, safer & cleaner
  • One Inland grinder for smoothing edges and removing sharp ends
  • One Dremel with flex shaft and diamond bits
  • Diamond Pads
  • Loose grit for hand lap grinding

Screenprint Darkroom and Screen rental
Screenprint equipment is available for rent at $30/hour with your own screen, $40 hour using CGC screens (one hour minimum required.)

  • One 20" x 16", 120 or 220 mesh screen (extra screens $5 ea)
  • Emulsion for two screens
  • Use of light table
  • Emulsion strip for 2 screens
  • Sponges, scrubbers, squeegees 
  • Enamel powder sold by the gram ($2/gram)
  • Enamel ink medium sold by the gram ($2/gram)
  • Glassline paints sold by the bottle ($8)

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